Chikwinya under threat

By William Milasi

Settlement Chikwinya’s hegemonic control of Mbizo Constituency is believed to be under threat from internal rivalry within his Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) it has emerged.

The popular CCC parliamentarian has been enjoying unfettered support from his constituency after beating Zanu PF in successive polls.

Chikwinya made his parliamentary debut in 2008, and since then has been one of the vibrant members of the National Assembly through his robust debates and contributions.

However, his parliamentary journey has not been without any incidences-as the legislator was recalled twice from the National Assembly.

Chikwinya recently bounced back again in parliament following by-elections held in March last year.

However, with elections being a few months away there appears to be new threat at Chikwinya’s hegemony within CCC.

It has been gathered that Corban Madzivanyika who is also under CCC is gunning for the Mbizo Constituency.

While, Madzivanyika could not comment on the issue after being contacted by this publication sources however, indicated that he was Chikwinya’s potential threat in the coming polls.

“The party have adopted a new system of candidate selection in this coming elections. Considering that the party is set to have consensus on the issue of a candidate for a particular ward or a constituency, it is therefore not a given that Chikwinya might bounce. While Chikwinya is a brilliant law maker, we believe he must hand over the batton to others since CCC is a party espoused on democracy. Corban has also been visible on the ground, as he has been rolling various activities, it therefore spells trouble for Chikwinya as Corban might also be selected by some party cadres through consensus. What is important to note is that it is not a given that Chikwinya will bounce back as a Mbizo candidate. A lot is happening behind the scenes and these elections might present some suprises,” a source close to the developments told this publication.

However, Chikwinya has remained unfazed.

“The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate selection process favours a candidate who is wanted by the community not one who wants. Internal competition is a hallmark of democracy and it is imbedded in our values and principles as CCC,” said Chikwinya.

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