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Zimstat puts employment situation in the country under scrutiny

By William Milasi

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) is concerned with employment levels in both the formal and the informal sector in the country through the holding of Quarterly Labour force Surveys.

Zimstat Director General Taguma Mahonde said the statistical agency has now shifted from holding the surveys after every five years to quarterly beginning of 2021 as a way of providing high frequency data to the market.

“Currently, we are doing listing, this is part of the process of the sampling process. Basically we want our results to be statistically significant and be representative of the population of Zimbabwe,” he said.

The labour force survey, Mahonde said, is very important as it informs on the labour situation in the country.

“The importance of the labour force survey is that it helps us to know the employment levels in the formal and the informal sector. We want also to know the unemployment figures, we want to know about labour underutilization, we want to know about labour migration. We also look at issue to do with youth not in employment, education and training. These are very important aspects coming from a quarterly labour force survey,” he said.

He explained on the standards used to come up with employment statistics in the country.

“The standards that we use we are guided by what is called the 19th international lab our conference for statisticians that was held in 2013 in Geneva.  These are the standards that we use and are used by all the other countries. Why we use these standards is that what we do in Zimbabwe should be comparable with what is happening in Botswana, Mozambique or any other country. Basically the questions which would be asked will be if individuals did any economic activity for one hour in the past seven days for pay or for profit? Another question will be are they available for work if they were to get employment? Did you look for employment in the past four weeks? These are standard questions to determine whether someone is employed or not employed this is what gives us the result which we want the economy and the market to be informed on a quarterly basis,” he said.

Zimstat will be conducting the Quarterly Labour-Force survey household listing exercise from the 11th to 17th January 2023. The main objective of the listing exercise is to facilitate selection of households that will be covered in the quarterly about force survey.

The quarterly labour force survey under the Census and Statistics Act (Chapter 10:29), provides high, human capital development strategies and compilation of quarterly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) among other key uses .

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