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Ok Mart Kwekwe continues to strengthen relations with schools

By William Milasi

Ok Mart Kwekwe is continuing to strengthen relations with its key stakeholders with the latest engagement being with urban primary and secondary school’s headmasters in Kwekwe District.

The engagement which recently took place at Ok Mart according to the Branch Manager Brian Magadzire Dombo is the first of such events following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Schools, according to Dombo are giving substantial business to the wholesale concern.

“In the past we used to host you as headmasters and we had to disengage the program following the Covid-19 pandemic. I am happy that we are resuming these engagements with you. This is the first of our numerous engagements following the Covid-19 pandemic and I am happy to have you here,” Dombo said.

Dombo said OK has been in business since 1942 when it established its first shop in the capital city Harare then Salisbury.

With over 82 years in existence, OK’s main focus has been in retail business which has seen it opening at least 70 branches across the country, making it one of the biggest business concerns between Zambezi and Limpopo.

OK has since diversified to include wholesales which are known as OK Mart which has seen it establishing eight branches across the country including OK Mart Kwekwe which opened its doors in 2015.

As a growing concern it has also acquired Borne Marche and Food Lovers market as part of its expansion drive.

The wholesale model according to Dombo is of great convenience for its targeted market.

“This is a model which was designed to serve a particular market. This model targets institutions such as schools, traders, corporates, mines and all other entities who usually buy in bulk. It is a high breed model which use the retail and the wholesale concept,” he said.

In Kwekwe District schools are accounting for at least 25% of OK Mart’s business.

The business executive explained that good customer service has seen OK Mart having an edge over its competitors which have invariably made it a wholesale of choice.

“For our customer convenience we have online shopping which is making it easier for those in the diaspora to send groceries to their loved ones in the country. We also have a delivery service which makes us unique. Above all, we have a one stop shop concept which makes our services more efficient,” he said before adding, “While we receive business from various corporates and institutions, schools account for 25% that is why we are having this interface since you are our critical stakeholder.”

Notable figures who attended the event was Kwekwe District Schools Inspector Herbert Maziriri, headmasters and corporates such as Delta, Zimchem, Net one, Tanganda, and Eversharp Pen.

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