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Councillor bemoans rise in school dropouts as drugs ravages community  

By William Milasi

Redcliff Ward 9 Councillor Blessing Mutero has said the level of school drop outs due to drug abuse not only in Redcliff but also across the country is very alarming,

Mutero speaking during a Seventh Day Adventist Church youth symposium on drugs and substance abuse in Redcliff during the weekend said the problem of drugs has ravaged the youth.

The City Father added that the situation has gone out of hand and there is need therefore to involve every member of the community to fight the scourge.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank you for inviting me to this important program. What makes me particularly happy is the composition of the people here gathered, the youth. The youth is the future of our country and it saddens my heart when youths as we are witnessing today are falling victims to drugs and substance abuse,” he said.

Mutero said so serious is the problem that some youths who are getting hooked to drugs are dropping out of school totally.

“This is a very sad development we are witnessing today. The levels of school drop outs due to drugs is so alarming. However, we need to acknowledge that this problem of drug abuse has been with us for a long time, the question now is how best can we deal with it, before we lose an entire generation,” he said.

He encouraged youths to make right decisions in life.

“This is a critical stage of your life, and I would like to encourage you to make good decisions and try by all means to shun away from drugs. Don’t fall victim to peer pressure, were you will be pressured to experiment with drugs that would ruin your life” he said.

He added that he has been assisting drug addicts in his ward by sending some for rehabilitation, paying for medication, and also counselling.

Meanwhile, Mutero said the local authority is going to host a sports gala in Redcliff to raise awareness on the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

The event was attended by youths drawn from Redcliff, pastors, the police, senior SDA Church members, the Tombs family (prominent transporters) and some medical practitioners amongst others.

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