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Former Zisco steel boss, wife murdered on Valentine’s Day, family mechanic arrested while driving the couples’ vehicle

By Staff Reporter
In a gory incident which have left the Redcliff community shaken, a former Ziscosteel boss and his wife are believed to have been murdered by a person suspected to have been their family mechanic.
Police spokesperson in Midlands Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the tragedy.
Mahoko added that the suspect who is now in police custody was arrested whilst driving the couple’s vehicle by police in Gokwe.
“Police arrested a 34-year-old man who is suspected to have murdered a couple in Kwekwe. The suspect was arrested whilst driving the couple’s vehicle by Police in Gokwe. The incident occurred on 14 February 2024 at about 1830 hours,” he said.
It has been gathered that the now deceased Kenneth Chirashi (75) and his wife Lorna Taylor Chirashi (69) were killed at their Redcliff home.
According to the police the now deceased’s son Mike Chirashi called his father’s cellphone which was answered by the police.
The police, went on to inform Mike that they had, “arrested a man whom they searched and found him with his father’s phone, national identity documents and that he was driving a Mercedes Benz silver in colour whose number plates were hidden in the car,” reported Mahoko.
After receiving the shocking news, it has been gathered that Mike went on to call a neighbour to the now deceased Mr. Lamulani Sithole (63) to check on his parents.
“Sithole went to check and found doors locked and could not locate anyone. He reported the case to police. Police attended the scene and observed that all doors were locked. They peed through the bathroom window and saw a lying human body. They broke the door and gained entry. Inside the house the Police found the body of Kenneth Pedzisai Chirashi lying on the floor with a deep cut on the forehead and a rope tied around his neck. The wife’s body was also found lying in the bathroom with four deep cuts in the head,” said Mahoko.
Police then went on to interview a neighbour who indicated that in the early hours of the fateful day the neighbour heard someone screaming from Chirashi’s homestead and after some minutes saw the suspect who has been identified as Collins Jongwe (34) of Chicago Kwekwe who is the family mechanic coming out of Chirashi’s homestead driving the now deceased vehicle.
Jongwe is currently in police custody assisting with investigations.

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