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‘Arresting drug peddles not enough’-Masarira

By William Milasi

LEAD president Linda Masarira has said while government’s efforts to curb drug abuse are commendable through the arrest of drug peddlers-such efforts are not enough.

What needs to be done according to Masarira in her Youth Day Statement is to, “apprehend elitist drug lords,” amongst other measures.

“As we commemorate Zimbabwe youth day today it is important for every Zimbabwean to understand that drug and substance abuse is now a pandemic in our country which is claiming many youthful lives on a monthly basis. I applaud the government of Zimbabwe for taking stern measures to arrest drug peddlers. The arrests are not enough as more needs to be done, the untouchable elitist drug Lords are supposed to be apprehended and thrown behind bars for life,” she said.

In addition, government also need to step up national rehabilitation program for the victims.

“Government also needs to step up efforts to have a national program to rehabilitate all the youth who are now futureless & hopeless because of drug and substance abuse. The Ministry of Health and department of legal affairs in the Ministry of Justice, Legal & Parliamentary affairs should ensure that Crystal Meth/Mutoriro/Guka is classified as a dangerous and illegal drug & expedite the process so as to save lives in our country,” she said.

Masarira noted that parents also have a role to play in the drug fight.

“Parents in particular mothers also need support groups to have psychosocial support and know how to handle loved ones with drug or substance addiction. It takes a village to raise a child, let us work collectively to rehabilitate all children suffering from drug and substance abuse before we lose a generation,” she said.

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