Zig zag band to host first ever show after sabbatical

By William Milasi

Zig Zag Band is back from its long haitus as it is set to host its first ever show in many years at The Club in Mbizo.

Speaking to Digest Style band director Tawanda Jumo is an elated man.

“As the Director of the Band I am happy with the warm welcome Zig Zag Band received,” said Bantuman as Jumo is known in entertainment circles.

The band is riding on a crest following the release of its single track “Chinemazano,” late last year.

“The latest release is enjoying a lot of airplay on all radio stations and as well as ZTV. The video has now amassed over 5k views on you tube, and over 35k views on Facebook,” he said.

Bantuman says the band is now back on track.

“It means a lot, in a lot of ways. This success of this project has put back the City of Kwekwe on the entertainment map, it has put the Zig Zag Band back on their feet, and it has proved beyond doubt that as Bantu Entertainment Zimbabwe we are a capable arts promotion company,” he said.

The band is planning to roll out countrywide tours to meet fans.

“Following the success of the project the next stage is to tour promoting it meeting our fans countrywide and beyond. Venue owners, festival organizers, the corporate sector and other arts promoters can now engage the band for live shows. The band is also available for joint collaborative work in the studio, and live exhibitions,” he said.

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