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Zanu PF women moot fund to cater for Kwekwe quads

By William Milasi

Zanu PF Women’s League in Kwekwe are mooting an idea to create a fund which will cater for quadruplets who were born to Kwekwe based Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services officers.

Speaking after paying a visit to the quads were the women also donated some provisions, Proportional Representation MP for Kwekwe Perseverance Zhou who was accompanied by senior members from the Women’s league said an idea to create a fund for the children’s welfare is being mooted.

The quads, three boys and a girl were born to Patience Muchineripi (30) wife to Anesu Mukototsi (36) at a Gweru’s medical facility, ClayBank.

“As Zanu PF Women’s League in Kwekwe we visited the quads and I am happy that we found the babies in good health.  We also wanted to find out how the babies are doing and to get first hand information on how the couple is managing. The women donated various provisions which included purity porridge, baby milk NAN, and diapers.  The couple shared some challenges which they are experiencing which include the need for milk as the babies consume around one and half tins per day which is 700 grams per day,” she said.

A tin of milk is going for US$17.

“Although the babies eat mealie meal porridge they also need fortified porridge available in shops, they need diapers about 6-8 kgs a month,” she said.

“Currently the couple do not have their own accommodation. They are renting a cottage near their workplace Kwekwe prison they are in need of a residential stand.  We are thinking of involving the Kwekwe Community to assist this family. I understand they are other two families with triplets. I want to thank the women leadership for giving this family parcels.  And as women we are thinking of creating a fund,” she said.

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