MDC senior member says it will be a miracle if Mwonzora polls more than 5000 votes in coming elections

By William Milasi

The MDC under Douglas Mwonzora is headed for an embarrassing election drubbing that polling over 5000 of the presidential vote will be a miracle.

The reasons for this heavy poll defeat according to Norest Marara a senior MDC member, include Mwozora’s collusion with Zanu-PF, lack of popularity within the party structures, and failure to inspire confidence within party structures.

Marara and seven other senior party members are locked in an intractable fight with Mwonzora for the soul of the party, so fierce was the fight that Mwonzora suspended the senior members, before the decision was overturned by the courts.

“MDC as it stands does not have capacity to win even a single seat at presidential level I don’t see MDC getting more than 5000 votes under Mwonzora’s leadership. That’s the truth. People are accusing Mwonzora of working with Zanu-PF.  The MDC under Mwonzora is not going anywhere,” Marara one of the party’s senior member said during an online interaction recently.

 “I was not fired from MDC we went to court to stop some purported suspension that we had seen through social media and we therefore won that court application and we have a valid interdict were Mr Mwonzora and cabal were stopped from suspending, firing or bringing before a hearing committee anyone in the party, because under a separate case we had raised a review of the congress that Mr Mwonzora claimed to have conducted. The judge then said until the issue which had been raised in the main case have been sorted out there is no one who is going to suspend or claimed to have fired anyone. So we were not fired, Mr Mwonzora does not have authority to fire us, so we are in the main case we were raising the issue of his legitimacy, the issue of purported congress which is not a congress,” he said.

He further accused Mwonzora of lacking transparency.

“On allegations of misappropriation of party funds in the party, I can say those allegations are there but we have a leadership that doesn’t want to be questioned, we have a leadership that cannot account for party funds. There is no paper trail at the MDC and I have said this countless time. My challenge is to those who claim to be in the leadership to present the financial statements for the party, in fact one of o the businesses of the main congress every five years is the presentation of financial statements by the party treasury, nothing of the sort happened at the so called congress. There is no transparency in how money is used. In fact it appears Mr Mwonzora is the one who makes directions to how money is moved from where to where and he is accountable to himself,” he said.

Marara and some of the senior members are not recognizing Mwonzora’s leadership.

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