“Mwonzora is unelectable, a Zanu PF project without people’s interests at heart”-MDC top official

By Political Editor

An MDC top official Norest Marara (pictured) has said party leader Douglas Mwonzora is not only a ruling Zanu PF project but also an, ‘unelectable’ who is clinging to the opposition office, ‘illegitimately’ so as to harvest money and other associated benefits without any of the people’s interests at heart.

In an interview with NewsDigest Norest Marara one of the recently suspended MDC senior officials dismissed his suspension as a non-event.

Marara was suspended together with other party’s senior officials who included Elias Mudzuri, Gift Konjana, John Nyika, Den Moyo, Edwin Kakora, and Edwin Dzambara for a gamut of reasons which included, “taking the party to court, organising violence at the just ended congress, colluding with forces hostile to the Party, convening unsanctioned meetings, planning disturbances of the party ahead of the general elections and undermining the Party’s internal democratic mechanisms.”

Marara has since dragged Mwonzora ton court for holding the office illegally.

“My attitude is that the MDC does not have a substantive president and a substantive leadership at the moment. What Mr Mwonzora and his cohorts did is a sham of a congress from the nomination process. Therefore, I don’t recognise him together with the team especially the one that he suspended and the multitudes of MDC supporters behind us, the leadership that they expect to lead the party.

“We therefore stand to clarify or clearly state that Mr Mwonzora is an illegal president who has no locus standi to suspend, fire or do anything in the name of the party. The MDC structures must sit again, follow the rules and elect a clear leadership that comes from the people not the drunkards that were hired from Chitungwiza and Epworth on the 18th of November to say we have elected Mr Mwonzora,” he said.

He said currently the suspended leaders are receiving, “an avalanche of solidarity messages from the structures, the districts, the provinces the people are writing solidarity messages to say Mr Mwonzora must fire everyone form the party. It’s in the majority this message coming from the MDC structures particularly those who are demanding that he must fire everybody if he thinks he has fired the seven leaders myself included.”

Marara said Mwonzora is unelectable.

‘What is very clear and what is coming from the people is that Mwonzora does not have support. If he has support let him submit himself before the people through normal processes. That have always been done from the inception of the party. Let’s have a proper nomination process, let us have a proper contest, let him contest before the people and win. We will congratulate him if he win, but he knows that he does not have support and he is this thing for money and other benefits,” he said.

He let rip.

“Dougie is a Zanu PF project as clearly stated by the court of public opinion. They have judged him, he has been measured and it’s clear he doesn’t have the kind of support that will give him any votes come an election. So if he is man enough and have the kind of support that he claim to have he must stop pandering on the 66% nonsense that he is giving the people. He will not get anything of the sort. So if he have the kind of support let him present himself before the people in a free and fair contest, if he wins we will congratulate him. He is in the thing for the benefits of the office that he is occupying by default. He is an imposter and we don’t recognise him,” he said.

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