Zimbabwean Internationally acclaimed business executive says it’s time for Africa to rise

By William Milasi
Internationally acclaimed Zimbabwean business tycoon Dr Tinashe Manzungu has said Africa has all what it needs to develop before urging people on the continent to be more inward looking.
Speaking during the just ended 4th Jamie Pajoel International (JPI) conference in Rwanda were he also received the International Business Leadership award Manzungu said Africa has all what it takes to develop.
The JPI conference was running under the theme “BUILD TO LAST” Unlocking Africa’s Prosperity Through Investment In Real Estate and Construction.
“Africa has a massive growing population, Africa being number two on population compared to other continents 2.5billion which renders it as a strong market, it shows Africa can produce and consume its own products. Above all Africa has the resource base of almost everything that we need in life,” said the Zimbuild CEO.
Manzungu who also serves as the Board Director of the Africa Business Council asked a critical question at the conference, “BUT why are we still backwards?”
He said there is a need to put some fundamentals in place for Africa to attract investment.
“In order to attract Both Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment, lets clean our house,” he said.
The business executive explained his thinking.
“All in one, Africa has all that it takes to Prosper, all we need is to be “Well Organized”. There is a need for African governments to plan their budgets’ well and effectively utilize them 100%. In addition, governments in Africa need to have the capacity to manage and execute projects,” he said.
Another key fundamental which he also noted is for Africa to have most of its projects to be private sector driven.
He also suggested that there is a need for Africa to do away with borders which impede development.
“African Continental Free Trade (ACFTA) to pay a deaf ear on the useless n country border lines that were set by the colonialist, these impede on the African nature of sharing resources. As the private sector let’s rise up and take the lead to manage Africa, politics should follow,” he said.

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