Polad members plot Mnangagwa downfall

By William Milasi

Six political parties in the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) are plotting to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa from power in this coming elections through the formation of a political coalition.

Speaking in Harare Thursday during the launch of the Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development (ZCPD), the coalition’s leader Trust Chikohora who is also leader of the Coalition for Democrats (CODE) said no single political party can solve the myriad challenges bedevilling Zimbabwe.

Chikohora is the Economic Portfolio Committee Chairperson within Polad.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing multiple socio-economic challenges which have been with us for many years now. These challenges seem insurmountable because we have become a deeply polarised society. We believe that these challenges will only be solved sustainably if we come together as Zimbabweans to find each other and build our country together as a united people,” Chikohora said.

Chikohora said against the backdrop of looming elections six political parties within Polad have, “Found each other as sharing the same aspirations and having the same principles and values and have therefore decided to form an Electoral Pact.”

Members of the ZCPD are CODE, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Lucia Matibenga Vice President, Rebuilding Zimbabwe Party (RZP) Reverend Chikanga Secretary General, United Democratic Movement (UDM) Philip Mugadza Organising Secretary, United Democratic People’s Party (UDPP) Peter Gava Treasurer General, and Straight Black Pride Zimbabwe Partnership (SBPZP) Innocent Netanyahu Information and Publicity.

Chikohora said these political parties have resolved to participate in the general elections as a united front but the parties remain, “distinct, independent and equal partner brining into the electoral pact unique contribution.”

In the event of winning the polls, Chikohora said the coalition will, “form an inclusive Government that reflects the face of Zimbabwe.”

Amongst other things the ZCPD enunciated that they seek to entrench the culture of democracy through free, fair, transparent and verifiable elections.

“Reform the economy of Zimbabwe to ensure inclusivity, eradication of extreme poverty, a sustainable public debt, empowerment of citizens through deliberate and measurable economic policies to create employment, promote equity and improvement of livelihoods.

“Achieve food security and affordable livelihoods for all Zimbabweans leveraging on the gains of the land reform programme to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Respect, promote and safeguard the operational and financial autonomy of the Judiciary and all independent institutions and offices,” said Chikohora.

In addition, he said the political pact seeks to promote the ideals of the SADC and other regional integration commitments, the African Union as well as the United Nations and other multilateral commitments.

Chikohora believes the newly formed coalition is the vehicle that will deliver the people of Zimbabwe “to the promised land,” as, “Divided we all fail, but, United Zimbabwe will prevail.”

He said like-minded people are free to join the political pact.

“Consequently, we take this opportunity to invite other like-minded Political Parties bith within Polad and outside Polad as well as Civic Society Organisations and individuals to come and work with us in this Coalition to build the Zimbabwe we all want,” he said.

Zimbabwe Coalition for Peace and Development leader Trust Chikohora

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